Author: Amy Collins

Keeping Hearing Aids In: How and Why

When Alfie was fitted with his hearing aids at 7 weeks old, I remember thinking “how on EARTH” am I going to manage this. It took using two hands and about 10 minutes of repeated tries to get just one of them in, and once I had done it, Alfie would wriggle and it’d just

18 Months In

We’re rapidly approaching Alfie turning 18 months old and I’m very aware I’ve been a bit rubbish at keeping this blog updated. But I’ve had a bit of time spent unwell with one thing or another and Alfie is only having one nap a day now, so time is precious when he’s asleep, and it’s

How Alfie Communicates

Sign language is rapidly becoming a widely recognised form of communication in its own right, like any other mother-tongue. For many in the deaf community, sign language is a first language. It is the only way that many people can communicate, and the importance of being able to use gestures instead of spoken word is

You’ve Got The News…

…. So, how do you feel? I suppose you don’t know. I wrote this a couple of months ago on my facebook page but wanted to expand on a few points. When reading about families finding out their gorgeous new babies are deaf, which of these sound more familiar?… A) We are delighted to find

The Missing Code

Before Alfie was even born, well, actually before I even fell pregnant, I was aware of a genetic ‘flaw’ that I could potentially be carrying. I tried to never let this bother me, I knew it wouldn’t change the fact that one day I wanted children, and decided long ago that I’d simply deal with

How We Got Here

Alfie is deaf. You probably already know that. I’ll do another post explaining WHY he’s deaf another time, but for now, I wanted to tell you the process of finding out a child has a hearing loss and what to expect. Our NHS service is wonderful and although I know not everyone is lucky enough

Welcome To The World

This is my very last bump photo. Firstly, because it was 2 weeks before my planned c-section date and I didn’t have a chance to take a PROPER last bump photo, and secondly because it all started one normal Monday morning when I went to work. I started at 9am. The last week of work

The Circle of Life

So, without Alfie, there wouldn’t be a blog. So, let me tell you about how he got here. (It’s a bumpy ride, I warn you now!) Boys and girls. When a mummy loves a daddy…. JOKING! I fell pregnant only a few short weeks after we got married. We knew we wanted a baby, but

The Journey Begins

If you’ve found this page, you must be here because you’ve done one of the following. Followed Alfie’s journey so far on Facebook and Instagram and want to read more. Met me in person and all I’ve done is waffled on about this incredible website I have this dream of creating. OR you’ve come here