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18 Months In

We’re rapidly approaching Alfie turning 18 months old and I’m very aware I’ve been a bit rubbish at keeping this blog updated. But I’ve had a bit of time spent unwell with one thing or another and Alfie is only having one nap a day now, so time is precious when he’s asleep, and it’s

Welcome To The World

This is my very last bump photo. Firstly, because it was 2 weeks before my planned c-section date and I didn’t have a chance to take a PROPER last bump photo, and secondly because it all started one normal Monday morning when I went to work. I started at 9am. The last week of work

The Circle of Life

So, without Alfie, there wouldn’t be a blog. So, let me tell you about how he got here. (It’s a bumpy ride, I warn you now!) Boys and girls. When a mummy loves a daddy…. JOKING! I fell pregnant only a few short weeks after we got married. We knew we wanted a baby, but

The Journey Begins

If you’ve found this page, you must be here because you’ve done one of the following. Followed Alfie’s journey so far on Facebook and Instagram and want to read more. Met me in person and all I’ve done is waffled on about this incredible website I have this dream of creating. OR you’ve come here