18 Months In

We’re rapidly approaching Alfie turning 18 months old and I’m very aware I’ve been a bit rubbish at keeping this blog updated. But I’ve had a bit of time spent unwell with one thing or another and Alfie is only having one nap a day now, so time is precious when he’s asleep, and it’s usually spent doing housework!

So this is a quick blog about the sorts of things he’s now up to.

  1. Climbing. On, over, through, in… boy can’t keep still. He’s not QUITE got up on the sofa yet, but it wont be long!
  2. Wind the Bobbin Up. If you sing this song to him, he will do ALL the actions, start to finish exactly right.
  3. Copying sounds. Particularly the microwave. Yeah, I know, weird.
  4. Dancing. He loves bopping along to songs and music.
  5. Bringing you things he shouldn’t really be carrying around. He’ll pick his biggest, heaviest toys and bring them to you to show you.
  6. Asking you to read to him. If he brings you a book and wafts you in the face with it, he wants you to read it to him.
  7. Actually reading a book. He’ll say “yah yah” as he turns the pages, which is him reading out loud.
  8. “Brumming” cars and trains up his legs and arms.
  9. Pretend play. He’s started pretending to stir things in pots with spoons, even if they’re empty.
  10. Takes out his hearing aids when they’re blocked, and tries to put them in himself in the morning.

… So yeah.

Basically, just a normal 18 month old boy. He’s so incredibly handsome too. Look.

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